• Lisbon
  • RUAmag is a cultural magazine dedicated to Streetstyle (street fashion), Coolhunting (Trend seekeing) and dissemination of new artists in the areas more related to fashion. Their goal is to promote and support the work of New Stylists, Make-up artists, fashion designers and fashion photographers.
    They define theirselves as a pioneer project in Portugal dedicated entirely to theurban culture.


Zoot Magazine

  • Lisboa
  • The international fashion and music magazine from Portugal Volume 2, bi-annual, 256 pages, fully in English.
    When Zoot first appeared on newsstands in cities including Lisbon, Porto, London, Paris, New York, LA, Rio and Tokyo in 2005 and 2006 the idea was to make an international fashion and music magazine that said something about where it was from – Portugal – and were it was going to the rest of the world. And to make a magazine that was fun to put together, exiting to read and that would grow and mature as it turned friends into contributors in more and more of the cities where it started to appear.
    Three super-fast years on including the release of volume 2 in 2009 with a strong new creative team at the helm we´re still a magazine that is very much the sum of the efforts of its hugely diverse talented, excellent and dedicated contributors and their agencies – and we are very proud to work with them.
    Each issue has exclusive fashion features and interviews; plus… 190 pages editorial of fashion, beauty and accessories from all over the world.