18th Amendment

  • Sydney
  • 18th Amendment is a high end designer jean, created by award winning Australian fashion designer and creative director Rebecca Dawson and owner and founder, Rachel Rose. The pair established 18th Amendment in 2005, which captured the imagination of the international fashion elite. The label is now regarded as the International brand to watch when it comes to innovative takes on classic and vintage denim. 18th Amendment takes it's name from the 18th amendment of the United States Constitution, reflecting the times during prohibition and the roaring 20's and 30's. 18th Amendment jeans are named after legendary silver screen stars like Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford and Gina Lollabrigida, these high quality jeans are easily recognizable with their art deco motif stitched along the pockets, inspired by the 1930's Rolls-Royce, "Flying Lady". There are currently very few U.S. retailers of this line. Most are located in the UK and Australia.