1A Classe Alviero Martini Point Of View

  • Milan
  • Prima Classe-Alviero Martini is worldwide distributed and considered as one of the most prestigious made in Italy Brands. The Prima Classe Alviero Martini Point of View collection is handmade with leather detailing by Sover, srl Italy and is distributed in U.S.A. and Canada by GRANT, Italia-USA exclusively. Throughout the ophthalmic and sunglass collection you will see the map motif that you find on their handmade bags and luggage that Alviero Martini Prima Classe is famous for in Italy and which are collected by travelers from around the world.

  • +39 059 772559
  • Via Modenese 1222 Modena Italy

  • http://www.alvieromartini.it
  • http://www.facebook.com/AlvieroMartiniPrimaClasse
  • http://www.instagram.com/alvieromartini1classe