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  • Cape Town
  • 3D Model agency is one of the most prominent talent management agencies in Cape Town. Since it’s founding in 2002 by Justin Miccoli, Justin having a wide range of international and local business experience in the industry from directing South African & Cape Town based licensing programs for DreamWorks, Universal, New line, MGM, Sesame street and several Hollywood studios and Global brands Like PGA, until 1999, prior to this as a live satellite television engineer and producer for variety, news and sports shows for Mediaset, Italy’s largest television network, in Milan Italy since 1988.
    3D Models has earned its prestigious standing as an industry leader by providing full-spectrum and Multi-dimensional model management for women, men, plus size, fitness, and children models, as well as entertainers, musicians and global influencers, super models and actors.
    3D model agency has an extremely well trained and managed team of bookers and staff that are Carefully selected for their unique qualities and skills to help drive the agency forward and the success of our models to the new and exciting levels we are experiencing today.
    3D has a major important network of agencies we work with in Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hamburg, Munich, Beijing, Shanghai, and is also linked to agencies and production companies throughout the world.
    At 3D we are dedicated to all things healthy and vital as a commitment to this end we have consistently competed in every model beach volley ball tournament since it was founded in 2004.
    In fact, 3D are the current champions of the model beach volley ball contest held each year on Camps Bay Beach Cape Town by Caprice Beach bar, we have won the contest for the last 2 years the only agency to have repeat wins of this prestigious fitness event.
    3D is committed to fitness and healthy life styles and within our staff and models boards we are lucky enough to have fitness and health professionals.

  • 021 418 1954
  • 3rd Floor Urban Lime Building 32 St George’s Mall, Cape Town, 8001

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