• Granby
  • Introduced in Germany over 50 years ago, the Landes brand name is synonymous with stylish and refined genuine leather belts. Although new to the U.S. market, Landes has been a major player on the Canadian fashion scene for nearly 35 years. Landes’ wide range of belts, accessories, patches and trims conveys a tradition of excellence. Each piece is designed and handcrafted to add a sparkle to your wardrobe. An innovative approach is the secret for constant renewal in this product line that serves both utility and design. Landes has achieved strong and steady growth due to relentless research and development. This industry leader deals with some of the world’s premiere leather and buckle suppliers. It also relies on the latest technologies, including EDI, to ensure optimal efficiency and timely delivery.

  • +1 450 378 9853 ; Fax: +1 450 378 3361
  • 400 St – Valier Granby, Quebec J2G 7Y4 Canada