• Rotterdam
  • Libelle is the biggest women’s weekly in the Netherlands and was recently awarded the title Magazine of the Year. Libelle gives information and inspiration on all subjects the average Dutch woman is interested in.
    Libelle is a strong multimedia brand and has a good relationship with its readers. Each week Libelle receives more than 500 telephone calls, 250 letters and 300 e-mails and responses to actions. Besides, Libelle has a great practical value. Recipes are tried out and vouchers are sent in and used. Offers in Libelle have the highest response compared to other magazines. Libelle has a strong online community with a focus on nice, everyday matters. A three-dimensional element of the brand is Libelle Summerweek: the biggest outside event for women attracting more than 80.000 visitors. The Libelle specials go more deeply into important subjects for women, like house and home, the balance between work and private life and travel. Libelle also introduces innovations. Examples are the launch of the website (1996), of web-TV and Radio Libelle (2002) and of the cross media initiative Casa Libelle: a real-life soap about running a bed & breakfast in Barcelona (2005) and from February 2009 the digital thriller soap Deadline on