• Hoofddorp
  • Margriet was first published in 1938 and has become one of the most popular women’s magazines in the Netherlands. Margriet shares emotions, offers relaxation and presents all kinds of (lifestyle) ideas. Personal contact with the readers is one of the most important characteristics.
    For the reader Margriet is of great value regarding inspiration, keeping up-to-date and window-shopping. Ideas from Margriet are kept more than average. Certain features generate thousands of requests each year. The relationship with the readers is based on involvement, openness and reliability. Margriet has active readers, which is shown by the high level of response.
    Each year Margriet organises the Margriet Winter Fair, an event where more than 70,000 visitors page through Margriet ‘live’. The past few years Margriet has been engaged in charity campaigns, for example Margriet’s Better World. But the brand is also developed online, Margriet has a high reach among the women in the core readership. The specials Body and Health, Leisure, Gardens, Kids and Home will again be published in 2009. `