Noblesse Korea

  • Seoul
  • The Noblesse magazine group was founded in Korea in 1990. Guided by a mission to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated interests of the rising elite class of men and women in Asia, Noblesse has become the region's leading lifestyle magazine exclusively targeted for high society. Noblesse magazines are not distributed through public newsstands, and are sold and marketed only to proven members of Korea and China's affluent society.
    This focus on quality readers is matched by its publications, with Noblesse Korea being the first magazine to be awarded the "Best Magazine" award by the Korean government (2006).
    Noblesse Korea is also the first and only Korean lifestyle magazine to have been Certified by the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations).
    As Asia continues to grow and prosper, Noblesse will continue to define, educate and entertain the region's privileged readers on all matters of luxury lifestyle. Constantly discovering new markets, Noblesse is Asia's leading lifestyle magazine.