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  • Organice Your Life is the website & online magazine for eating organically, keeping organized, and living a very nice life.
    Brought to you by people that know firsthand:
    Models, Celebrities and other Fashion & Entertainment insiders.
    “Organice Your Life” comes from the words:
    “ Organize”. “Organic” and “Nice“,
    as they think those are the 3 key words in living a happy and healthy life.
    The main goal of Organice Your Life® (OYL) is to make as much information and links accessible to anyone who wants to do something,to try to make their own life, or the world around them a bit better. Little efforts can sometimes mean a huge positive difference!
    Organice Your Life® works with the circle of 5.
    1. Organice® Your Home
    2. Organice® Your Agenda
    3. Organice® Yourself
    4. Organice® Your Relationships.
    5. Organice® Your Good Heart.
    The subjects covered are very broad, including Fashion, Nutrition, Health, Physiology, Psychology, Science, News, Relationships and Sex.They have all in common that we are looking for the best, healthiest, organic, fair trade or environment, animal and human friendly options.
    Through this website,and with columns, interviews, workshops, books, tv ,radio shows, events and other ways, this information is brought to the public in a young, hip and fun way.
    The contributors of Organice Your Life® are all young successful men and women from within the Fashion & Entertainment industry, who the philosophy: Get started. Get Organiced!® .
    You can click on every step of the Organice Your Life Circle of 5, and then it will show all articles that are filed under that specific step.
    Organice Your Home: will have everything to make your home or place to stay, a cosy, clean and fun place,
    Organice Your Agenda: will have fun events and important dates to put in your agenda, tips to organize your finances, how to deal with your time management, and things to put on your to-do list,
    Organice Yourself: This is the most diverse step, and covers everything that can make you improve yourself: physically and emotionally, by nutrition, work outs, skin care, spirituality, hobbies, psychology , fashion make-up etc.
    Organice Your Relationships: This is about the relationships you have with people, animals, nature and with the supernatural,
    Organice Your Good Heart: has everything about goodwill and charities, and gives you ideas what you can do for others!