Prim Magazine

  • New York
  • Prim articulates a vision of fashion through the prism of art. Each of its lavish full-page photographic excursions into the many-layered world of fashion conjures up unique expressions of stylistic sensibility. The fabulous photography coaxes up moods varying from the nonchalant and introspective, to the edgy and disaffected, to the extravagant and risqué. The aspiration of the photographer is seemingly lifted from mere craft to the rarified realm of art. Demonstrating sensitivity, finesse, and artistic flair, the photography itself can command the distinction of being artful and worthy of visual interest rivaling the subject of its very own lens. Each issue of Prim spotlights innovative and daring designers, photographers, and artists who are pushing the envelope of contemporary fashion into the mysterious unknown. Prim has that aura of mystique that devotees of fashion covet.