Seventeen Malaysia

  • Petaling Jaya
  • Seventeen Magazine is the premier award-winning English-language teen magazine in Malaysia, reaching out to 80.000 readers nationwide. It is the Number One teen magazine in the world, available in 185 editions and printed in 35 languages, reaching 15 million teen readers every month. Seventeen is every teenage Malaysian girl's BFF. They are an indispensable companion, there for her through her formative teen years (from age 12) right up to her second year in collega (age 22). Seventeen nurtures and supports her ambitions and dreams, her first forays into love and her penchant for shopping and bargains. They assure her on her looks, give her step-by-step guides and advise her on everything from fashion to beauty, real life to boys, health to sex education. More than anything, we understand the Seventeen girl and never understimate her role as consumer and reader. Our recent revamp has garnered praise from both advertisers and readers alike, proving that Seventeen will stay forever young, for a long time to come.