Stuff USA

  • New York
  • Stuff is a men's magazine featuring interviews, pictorials, and other articles of interest to a predominantly male audience.
    Published by Dennis Publishing, it is the sister magazine to Maxim, and the two share a similar mission of providing entertainment targeted towards 18 to 30-year-old males whom it attracts with pictorials and cover features, humor, trivia, and product reviews of goods such as computers, sports cars, video games, cell phones, etc. The American version of Stuff does not contain nudity, though the photo shoots generally try to get as close to nudity as possible, and at some locations, such as Wal-Mart stores in the U.S. Stuff and its sister men's magazine Maxim have been considered pornography, and therefore banned. The interviews tend to be with famous actresses, singers, models and wrestling divas, some of whom have appeared several times over the life of the magazine. The U.S. edition ceased to exist with the October 2007 issue when it returned to being a special section inside Maxim Magazine. Paid subscribers will receive Maxim magazine as a replacement. "This is a note to inform you that Stuff Magazine has ceased publishing with the Oct 2007 issue. The balance of your paid subscription will be fulfilled with Maxim.