• New York
  • Swoon Magazine is an NYC-based local media project. Its audience is that dicey sliver of Venn who do read the articles in Playboy, then throw out the rest and run to chew on the images in Swoon. Don’t get us wrong—Swoon is a deeply political organism as much as it is a party machine—and its politics are this: that glamour can, and must exist in our daily lives—and you can do it, if not by yourself then with a little bit of help from your friends.
    The fashion industry is predicated on the same planned obsolescence that as we speak is dozing up piles of waste that people can, and do, ski on. A fashion cabal on the other hand, a fashion coterie, is sexy and sustainable. Fashion is an action and not a destination. Our mission is twofold: to showcase innovative designers and photographers and to reclaim fashion as an artistic expression outside of the push to create commercial trends. We believe that photography and fashion, like any other art form, require a space for creative play and experimentation outside of the confines of their respective commercial industries. Fashion must trot beside you as your life’s cadence calls, elsewise you will find yourself panting after it up the J-curve to infinity. And ya gonna kill yuhself that way hun—YA ARE! We cannot live at such a velocity of need. To appropriate Burroughs, “How fast can you take your time and still look hot, kid?” Ask yourself long and hard—if you still can’t see it, Swoon will snap a picture. We’ve come to reclaim the master’s tulles.

  • http://www.swoonmagazine.com