Tangent Magazine

  • Sydney
  • Have you ever looked through the bottom of a glass and watched the world in distortion? It’s Tangent’s mission to take that glass and put it over the world of fashion for you.
    Co-founded by fashion photographer Emmanuel Giraud, and fashion stylist Heather Cairns, the magazine was born from their mutual desire to put fashion into a creative context.
    Tangent is a playground for people who appreciate fashion as art. It targets people who indulge in their identity and want to discover every secret corner of fashion first.
    Tangent entertains with the most unconventional editorials, exclusive content, fashion videos and live stream interviews.
    Tangent magazine fuses the hottest international labels with the edgy Australian fashion, to give our readers a potent mix of style to inspire their wardrobes.
    Fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience a new direction in fashion.

  • http://tangentmag.com