• New York
  • TRACE is a TRANSCULTURAL Styles and Ideas magazine, a new expression in culture documenting the impact of the interconnected worlds of music, fashion, film, art, politics on today's multiethnic youth.
    Established in London in 1996 by Claude Grunitzky, only 25-years-old at the time, TRACE was first materialized in the form of a magazine. Originally entitled TRUE, changing its name to TRACE a year later, the publication quickly became a big success and built a significant fan base around the world. After moving TRACE's headquarters to New York in 1998, Grunitzky sought to expand the company's scope. Since, the company has grown to become a multi-platform international company, encompassing TRACE Magazine US, TRACE Magazine UK, TRACE Television, web environments http://www.trace212. and and regular art exhibits and monthly fashion and music events.