• Paris
  • TWILL: is a magazine that does not have an obvious readership, because it lacks an homogeneity of content, views, ideology or even language. For the publishing business. Twill is an impossible magazine. But, sometimes, boundaries can be crossed simply turning upside down the fundamental tenets, especially if you are not afraid of the associated risks. They, at Twill, have thus decided to reverse the golden rule of publishing; instead of identifying a class of potential customers on whom to foist a magazine, they have created a publication that defines ourselves. And they have shifted onto the market, or rather on a small fraction of it, the task of identifying with them. To challenge the market rules has not been a difficult choice, because they are not merchants. They hope that, amidst the exuberant cacophony of their contents, our readers will recognize the only rigorous coherence that they have struggled to obtain: that of reason, heart and beauty.