• Las Vegas
  • 944 Magazine is a fashion, entertainment and lifestyle publication that issues separate editions under its brand for several metropolitan areas around the United States.
    The parent company, 944 Media was founded in 2001 by Marc Lotenberg. Currently, 944 has a national monthly circulation of 320,000 and publishes in Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco.
    944 publishes an annual commemorative sports and lifestyle issue, which it calls GAME. It offers a view of lifestyle issues surrounding athletes, profiling many stories that occur behind the scenes. The issue focuses on trends in global athletics and offers commentary on unique topics related to sports and athletes.
    In March 2009, 944 Media announced acquisition of Six Degrees, a competing upscale lifestyle magazine, with editions in Atlanta, Detroit, Miami and Las Vegas as well as its web portal. By October of that year, 944 ceased publication of Six Degrees and launched two new editions of 944 magazine to penetrate the Atlanta and Detroit markets.

  • http://www.944.com


  • Las Vegas
  • 944 Magazine is an award winning monthly Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle publication, with a national reach and local relevance in the country's largest entertainment hubs: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco. 944 readers are savvy and influential with a discerning appreciated for What's Now and What's Next.
    To bring to life the world of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle for cultural influencers. As a national magazine with local relevance, we strive to inspire, entertain and empower our readers with dynamic and relevant editorial, robust digital platforms and unparalleled events that create memories that stand the test of time. 944 is a portal to the world's most influential and aspirational readers.

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  • Kuala Lumpur

A Magazine

  • Paris
  • A MAGAZINE is a biannual publication, exploring the creative sphere of a selected designer in each issue. We invite a guest curator – an international fashion designer, group or house – to develop innovative, personalised content that expresses their aesthetic and cultural values.
    Each issue celebrates this designer’s ethos: their people, their passion, their stories, emotions, fascinations, spontaneity and authenticity. As such A MAGAZINE exists as an entirely dynamic title – a cultural statement for individuality in an increasingly homogenous industry.
    Centered around A MAGAZINE’s guest curator is a team of editors, with content provided by an international network of contributors and collaborators. Each of these creative relationships with an artist, photographer, musician, graphic designer etc. starts with a conversation. This artistic dialogue leads to beautiful projects, special friendships and a fusion of explosive talent to create work that transcends the ordinary. A MAGAZINE is a unique niche product both on the conceptual and advertorial level. Alongside purely artistic content, we create hybrid promotional opportunities for collaborators, enabling the production of site-specific content that goes beyond common commercial restrictions.
    Each A MAGAZINE is a new story waiting to be told.

  • http://www.amagazinecuratedby.com

A Perfect Guide

  • Stockholm
  • A Perfect Guide is distributed in conjunction with the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Approximately 100 000 copies are distributed in selected area's and most attractive residential areas in Stockholm.
    The magazine is published in four different segments: Fashion & Beauty, Finance, Property & Design, Food & Travel

  • http://www.aperfectguide.se


  • Barcelona
  • 2beMAG is a magazine for promoting raw talents, up-and-comers, and fresh new work.
    The aim of the mag is to discover brands and talented people who want to exhibit their work.

  • http://www.2bemag.com

31 Rue Cambon

  • Paris
  • 31 Rue Cambon is distributed worldwide in all the Chanel stores. The magazine takes its name from the iconic apartment of brand founder Coco Chanel’s Parisian apartment.